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An Apulia to taste step by step through amazing encounters, itineraries and discoveries.


Murgia among the "MuST" of Puglia365: a journey through traditions, territory and tourism, in the name of rurality.

Murgia Slow Travel is a network of companies that, in line with the Strategic Plan of Tourism 2016-2025 "Puglia365", promotes the integrated development of the territory of the Alta Murgia. Through regional, national and international cooperation, it promotes network processes and new forms of cooperation among all the actors participating in the local tourism system: companies, institutions, public and private bodies, professionals in the sector.

Unconventional rural tourism

Murgia Slow Travel is for a slow, accessible and sustainable tourism, where the naturalistic and landscape aspects of the many itineraries that cross the Murgian ecosystem merges with a heritage rich in history, culture, traditions, food and wine and religion.

From the Materan Way to the Via Francigena

The territory of the Murgia is crossed by various paths that since the Middle Ages have brought pilgrims to the Holy Land; among these the main ones are the Materan Way and the Via Francigena, which from Rome - passing through Apulia - allowed pilgrims to reach the city of Jerusalem.

A condition of the soul

Deeper, the term "Murgia" not only indicates a geographical entity, a step away from the Adriatic Sea of cities such as Trani, Bisceglie and Molfetta, but also expresses a state of mind: the "modus vivendi" of those who live in this territory, characterized by a Mediterranean diet, mild climate, expanses of olive trees, karst rock, sea breeze that blows from the jagged coasts , smells of wild herbs, folklore, millenary peasant and pastoral traditions, artisan shops depository of ancient knowledge and flavors, slow times and clothes lying in the sun.

The heart of Apulia accessible to families, children, teenagers, elderly and disabled people

What Murgia Slow Travel offers you is:

a sensory journey made of emotions, visions, flavors. Rediscover the sense of time, get inebriated with the delicious scent of a typical dish, get excited at the sight of a breathtaking sunset or a wild orchid, breathe the suggestions of history walking on the ancient "tratturi" (sheep tracks);

an accessible journey also designed for elderly people, families with children and people with disabilities, who can participate in workshops, recreational activities, pet friendly, sports and hiking, guided tours;

a sustainable journey, the intent is not only to promote the "Murgian culture", but also to preserve biodiversity through increased environmental sensitivity and pass on this priceless heritage to future generations.

Improve your experience by using Murgia Card

Murgia Card is an excellent tool to experience the territory and the initiatives of Murgia Slow Travel in an exciting way.

The card allows free entry to events and offers discounts on the services and food and wine products of the companies belonging to the Murgia Slow Travel tourist network. It also offers a series of discounts on restaurants, attractions and entertainment, for families with children, organized groups and fans of the culture of the territory.

What are the advantages?

• Two half-day or full-day free admission to the Experience Days (one person per family);
• purchase of typical products of the territory at "Km 0" directly from the affiliated producers, with a discount from 10% to 15%;
• access to educational services for children, at advantageous conditions, taking advantage of a 10% discount on the cost of the Educational Camp initiatives;
• access to tourist services and activities of use of the territory (trekking, excursions, cycling, experiential workshops, etc.) at advantageous conditions, with a 10% discount on the total cost of the booked initiatives.
Additional services: Rental of sports equipment, shuttle bus and catering with products at "km0".

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