Responsible tourism in the ancient and most natural heart of Apulia

Thanks to our team of professionals and local businesses, we guarantee you a varied offer of experiential paths, constantly modular. You can compose from here your "travel experience" through a few clicks or even with the support of our tour operators.

Let yourself be amazed by the centuries-old culture and beauty of the landscape dotted with small historic centers, medieval castles, ancient fortified farms, Romanesque cathedrals (in Trani, Ruvo, Bitonto and Bari) and rock churches, on the paths of art, architecture, archeology and religion.

Nature and adventure

After you have immersed yourself in the protected areas of the Alta Murgia National Park, nothing will be the same as before. Breathtaking views, rolling verdant hills and colorful pastures. To venture into the intricate network of minor roads, paths, cycling tracks you do not need to be an athlete or particularly trained. All routes are usable and practicable by anyone. Along the tratturi of the ancient transhumance you will return to the roots where we all come from. Activities: hiking, horseback riding, walking tour, bird-watching, adventure parks, snorkeling.

Art, culture and religion

Learn the secrets of archaic spirituality and religious traditions rooted in the territory, such as the processions in honor of the patron saints or the poignant rites of Holy Week that recall the passion of Jesus Christ, as well as visiting places such as the basilica of San Nicola in Bari, where the remains of the Saint are kept. Activities: guided tours of UNESCO sites, archaeological sites and museums, monumental cemeteries, historic houses and noble palaces, cathedrals, rock churches, rural artifacts, jazzi, trulli and farms.

Relaxation and slow tourism

If you are looking for calm and tranquility, ask us for the best offers for a regenerating moment at one of the relaxing wellness centers or for a short romantic stay in one of the many accommodation facilities. If pleasure is the mood of your trip, in Puglia you will find numerous activities for recreational activities and leisure, sports, music, entertainment or those more closely related to catering in tourist complexes such as hotels, residences, tourist villages, bathing and sports facilities, farmhouses, campsites, natural-environmental tourism centers and beauty farms.

Horseback riding and cycling

On the Murgian territory you can play sports exploring nature alone or in a group, on foot, by bike or on horseback, through landscapes immersed in the scents of the undergrowth and evergreen shrubs, in a silence broken by the chirping of cicadas in the summer heat or by the singing of birds, amid labyrinthine dry stone walls and pastures interspersed with spreads of wheat , oak or pine woods and olive groves, including ancient shelters for flocks and fortified farms. Activities: mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, hiking, scuba diving, kayaking, wind surfing.


Alta Murgia offers its guests a rich food and wine heritage, able to skilfully combine local seasonal products with the tasty recipes of tradition, flavored with fragrant aromatic herbs. An ideal opportunity, as well as to learn about the culinary richness, also for an unforgettable direct experience in the production territories. In fact, you can participate in tasting workshops of typical products and on the processing of local specialties by artisanal and traditional methods: from pruning trees to harvesting and milling the olives of the famous PDO oil "Terra di Bari"; from the grinding of cereals to the transformation of flour into traditional baked goods, pasta and sweets; from milking milk to dairy production (burrate, nodini, stracciatella...); from the harvest of grapes to the production of wine (Castel del Monte, Nero di Troia...); from the breeding of bees to the production of honey, pollen and royal jelly. Activities: tasting of typical products and local culinary tradition, workshops on the production and processing of typical products at the production companies.

Party and Nightlife

And even at night, if you still have enough energy after the daytime excursions, you can let yourself be overwhelmed by the cheerful nightlife of the Apulian historic centers, animated by a nightlife that does not stop even in Winter and even more populated in Summer, with a large amount and variety of bars and clubs, where you can meet people of different cultures, chat till morning and see the daybreak, perhaps walking along the seafront or overlooking one of the many viewpoints. Almost everywhere you will find fascinating views, rich in poetry and romance, characterized mainly by white stone of limestone origin and narrow and winding streets, with the most varied places of leisure and exhibitions of all kinds, from the Talos Festival to the Beat Onto Jazz. Activities: theatre shows, discos, cinemas, concerts, exhibitions, pool parties, outdoor barbecues, craft and agriculture fairs, folk festivals and folklore.