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Innovative and unique experiences in contact with nature, to promote the harmonious development of the personality and psychophysical well-being.

A team of qualified operators in outdoor educational and experiential and accessible tourism, offers empowerment of children and workshops aimed at children and young people with pedagogical purposes and enrichment of cultural background. Planned training activities on multisensoriality and multidisciplinarity. Nature thus becomes the ideal place in which to amplify the opportunities for relationship with others, physical activity, interaction with space, in a long, relaxed time, and in spaces of interest that stimulate creative thinking and the discovery of the surrounding world, socialization and experimentation of free play.

Educational Camp

Games, excursions, exploration, sports and educational activities based on neuroeducation, carried out in the woods or in other outdoor places and in respect of the environment: extraordinary opportunities to learn while having fun. The experience in the field, thanks also to the constructive relationship between educators and children and the exchange of knowledge, contributes to the growth of children and allows them to acquire self-awareness and at the same time to increase self-esteem, together with a strong social sense.

Adventure Camp

Both in the "Adventure Camp" and "Art Camp" experience camps and in real "Educational Camp" summer centers in the woods and in other structures belonging to the Murgia Slow Travel network, the Healthy and Balanced Mediterranean diet is promoted, thanks to the "km 0" food produced by local companies. With a view to sustainability and awareness, this modus operandi also tends to educate the younger generations to a good diet, based on the enhancement of local productions and the seasonality of food consumption.

Art Camp

Creative and experiential workshops focused on manual, plastic and performing arts. They can last from 4 to 7 days and take place in woods or outdoor locations belonging to the Murgia Slow Travel network. They provide for overnight stays. They are full-time summer camps, designed to accompany children in the expression of their creativity and in a multidisciplinary exploration of artistic languages such as: theater, music, dance, visual arts, performing arts, plastic arts. The activities are based on an approach aimed at promoting relationships, interpersonal communication and autonomy, through experimentation, observation, learning of the different arts, in a playful-recreational context in direct contact with nature.

Experience day for children and teenagers

One-day activities, aimed entirely at promoting the psychophysical well-being of children and young people, which are carried out in places and companies belonging to the Murgia Slow Travel network. An experiential learning path that allows you to discover ancient crafts, materials and tools of tradition. The knowledge of the past is proposed by artisans and experts capable of combining creativity, tradition, passion and manual skill. Children and young people can approach the traditional practice which is disappearing, and by observing of the gestures of the master craftsmen they can try their hand directly in the various laboratories, experiencing unique, one-of-a-kind emotions, which allow them to achieve exciting results and full satisfaction for their growth. The workshops provide for the use of recycled and eco-sustainable materials to enhance the educational aspect and good practices of respect for the environment and protection of natural resources.

Murgia Loves Family: specific offers for families with children

Murgia loves family is a service, developed by a specialized staff in the wake of the “ Puglia loves family” initiative, aimed at promoting cohesion in families who live there or are on holiday in the Murgian territory, and to support the organization of their free time, through the offer of a series of activities for adults and children to be done together or separately within multifunctional locations of the Murgia Slow Travel Network.

The Family Day, in particular, is one of the activities dedicated specifically to strengthening the ties between parents and children, by involving them in creative activities, carried out in large outdoor and indoor spaces, which will fill their experiences with meaning.

Finding time to devote to children is the desire of every parent. If you can also enrich the relationship and promote the well-being of those you love, this time becomes even more precious!. The presence of the parents allows, in fact, to better live the various experiences and strengthen the interpersonal relationship. The world of children is a complex alphabet of emotions, thoughts, questions, in which adults must enter with an approach that promotes identity and self-awareness and that stimulates a culture of plurality.

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